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Create Unique and Original Chord Progressions 

with this Groundbreaking New Resource

"Finally, a system which covers everything you need to get started creating your own music, understanding the methods behind the sounds."

LeRoy Duncan - Producer

"The perfect resource for producers looking to invest in themselves, gain new knowledge and help improve their output."

AJ Wiseman - Beatmaker

"If only I'd had this 10 years ago. I finally understand the methods behind my music-making. It's taking my sound to another level."

Nicola Rose - Songwriter

Do you ever feel stuck in a loop, constantly recycling the same boring chord progressions in your music?

As a music producer or keyboard musician, have you ever felt stuck trying to figure out which chords to use for your next song? 

Perhaps you've even tried to learn music theory, only to find it tedious, boring, or taught in a way that assumes you already know more than you do.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Struggling with not knowing which chords to use

Feeling left behind because traditional music theory is too complex or assumes prior knowledge

The frustration of being unable to create unique, pro-sounding chord progressions

79% of music producers start with a chord progression, but a vast majority find themselves using the same old sequences time and again.

And the problem is only made worse by trying to piece together an understanding of music theory using scattered sources like YouTube and Instagram. 

It's all too easy to give up on your music and admit defeat. But it doesn't have to be this way ...




Imagine being able to inject endless inspiration into your music on demand. This revolutionary resource is your secret weapon to chord progression mastery

Featuring a Step-By-Step Guide including WorksheetsCheatsheetsBonus Lessons, a MIDI Chord Pack and even Personal Support, The Chord Progression Blueprint is a guaranteed way to:

Break free from the shackles of creative block

Create music that stands tall in a saturated industry

Find your own unique musical identity and sound

This resource is all about giving you the knowledge and understanding that you'll be able to take anywhere and apply to any music genre for the rest of your life. You'll never rely on a plug-in again!

Here's What's Inside...

After years in the making, I've created a system that guarantees you success. Here's how you'll get there:



A step-by-step guide, taking you from the absolute basics through to a system that you can use for crafting your own unique and original chord progressions.

And all fully illustrated throughout. No need for sheet music, it's all there for you to see.

Learn the principles once. Keep them FOREVER.


To solidify your knowledge, you'll get access to Worksheets designed to test and consolidate what you've learnt.

You'll also benefit from 7 Additional Bonus Lessons that go into more details about certain subjects.

This means that information can be spread out without overwhelming you but still remains accessible when needed later on.


It's always nice to have a little bit of help when learning something new. 

Check out the Cheatsheets for whatever you need - whether it's an easy answer or some homework, they’ll give you fast access to what you're looking for.

You'll find desktopmobile and even printable versions included so you can view them in the way that helps you best. 


Want to jump in right away? Just use the Blueprint MIDI Pack!

This contains all of the concepts you'll be learning about in The Chord Progression Blueprint in MIDI format, as well as over 1,000 chord progressions!

For an unbeatable combination, you can edit the MIDI files with your new found knowledge and create even more spectacular sequences to elevate your music beyond what you ever thought possible!


Buy today and youll get UNLIMITED access to my Music Creator Community which means if you don't understand any of the concepts in the book, just post a message and I will personally respond to you. 

Where necessary, I will even provide custom graphics to try and explain a concept in a different way.

I want you to succeed and will be with you every step of the way ready to answer any questions you have.


With your purchase of The Chord Progression Blueprint, you're also securing a lifetime of continuous growth. 

To ensure your resource remains current, relevant, and full of value, you'll get FREE lifetime updates! That means any new features, bonus content or improvements will be yours at no additional cost. 

Make a one-time purchase and enjoy lifetime benefits!


And to take away any risk, I am offering this entire program with a cast iron guarantee. 

If you don't learn a single thing within the first 30 days of the program, simply message me for a FULL refund!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.



Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Dont take my word for it...

But why should you listen to me?

Hi, I'm Jay

I've been a professional musician all my adult life. I've worked in the music industry as a live piano/keyboard player and as a music producer. Music is all I've done and all I know

But music didn't always come naturally to me.

You see, when I first got serious with music, I remember the feeling of being totally frustrated. It seemed there was so much information out there but everyone had a different take on it. It was so confusing.

I remember the days when I'd stare blankly into my DAW, feeling deflated, unable to come up with something new. I was frustrated with my inability to express my musical ideas because I was tangled up in the mystery of chord progressions and music theory.

I wished there was a single system I could use to improve my sound but it simply didn't exist.

So I spent thousands of hours experimenting, learning, and practicing, trying to unlock the secrets to creating unique and engaging chord progressions. 

Eventually, my dedication paid off. I developed a system that took my music to levels I could only dream of before. 

And it wasn't just me. My peers began to notice the transformation in my music, the newfound originality and depth in my tracks.

I realized then that I had something precious, something that could help other music producers and keyboard musicians who were stuck in the same rut I had once been in. That's when the idea for THE CHORD PROGRESSION BLUEPRINT was born.

But I was so busy working in music, I had no time to put it together. It was such a huge task and I couldn't see how I would ever start it, let alone finish it.

Then the pandemic happened.

Then 2020 came and the pandemic wiped out all of my live work. This was bad news for the industry but it was finally my chance to sit down and write The Chord Progression Blueprint.

I expected it to take maybe a few weeks of non-stop writing but I was wrong. It took a full 18 months of working on it every single day. Before long, I had created a huge resource.


With THE CHORD PROGRESSION BLUEPRINT, you're not just getting another course. You're getting a complete system for chord progression mastery, including:

step-by-step guide that takes you from the basics of music theory to crafting your own unique chord progressions.

20 worksheets and 7 bonus lessons to reinforce and expand your knowledge.

Over 75 cheatsheets for quick reference and review.

MIDI chord pack with over 1,000 chord progressions ready to drag and drop into your DAW.

24 bonus progressions with comprehensive graphics for deeper understanding.

Access to a supportive community where you can get direct answers to any questions you have.

By the end of The Chord Progression Blueprint, you'll generate your own ideas rather than relying on plug-ins or recycled progressions. 

Instead, you'll learn principles that you can apply to any music genre for the rest of your life.

Let’s break it all down.


The Chord Progression Blueprint is split into four detailed parts, each designed to guide you through a different aspect of music theory and arm you with the tools you'll need to inspire great music. 

These sections are thoughtfully crafted to create a smooth learning curve, ensuring that you can comfortably progress from one stage to the next.

Part 1. Music Theory 

For Music Producers

Part One is all about music theory, tailored specifically for music producers

You may have tried to learn theory before and found it tedious or not applicable to your music-making process.

I've made sure to simplify these concepts and make them relevant to you.

By the end of this section, you'll have a strong understanding of the basic tools you'll need to start creating your own music.

Part 2. Creating Basic Progressions and Chord Sets

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to put them into practice. 

In Part Two, you'll learn how to create chord sets which you can then use to create basic chord progressions. This is where your music starts to come to life

You'll learn how to take the chords and scales you learned in Part One and group them together in a way that sounds great. 

I'll also introduce the concepts of inversionschord voicings, and voice leading to make your progressions even more interesting and professional.

Part 3. Advanced Concepts

Once you have a grasp on basic chord progressions, it's time to delve deeper. 

Part Three is all about advanced concepts. Here, I'll teach you about scale degrees and how you can use them to extend your chords.

We'll be creating new scales and different chord types as well as using more advanced techniques. 

By the end of this section, you'll be able to create richer, more complex music, and you'll have a set of tools that will make your music-making process faster and more efficient.

Part 4. The Chord Progression Blueprint

In the final part of the blueprint, we'll put everything together. 

This is where you'll learn my unique system for creating interesting, original, and authentic chord progressions. 

This isn't a one-size-fits-all formula, but rather a flexible process that allows for endless creativity whilst ensuring that your progressions always sound good. 

We'll also explore some creative ideas from modal interchange through to genre specific chord sets to add even more color and personality to your progressions.

By the end of the Chord Progression Blueprint, you'll have a solid foundation of music theory, the ability to create your own chord progressions, an understanding of advanced concepts, and a process for consistently creating music that sounds polished and professional

Whether you're a music producer or a keyboard musician, The Chord Progression Blueprint provides a comprehensive and practical guide to enhancing your music-making skills.


To really make sure you fully understand everything, I'm also throwing in ...

Cheatsheets for Mobile, Desktop and Print

Cheatsheets in the palm of your hand or available on your desktop or even to print!

I wanted to make sure you have an always accessible quick reference to everything we'll cover in the guide program.

Use the cheatsheets to check your work or brush up on some knowledge. They're there to help you!

Full MIDI Chord Pack

For those that just want to get straight to work, I'm including The Blueprint MIDI Pack for free in your purchase!

Simiply drag and drop chords into your DAW to quickly create your own chord progressions. 

Including over 1,000 chord progressions covering all 12 keys, this MIDI pack is designed to work hand in hand with everything you'll learn about in the blueprint! 

24 Fully Illustrated Chord Progressions

If you're a visual learner, you'll love these bonus chord progressions I'm throwing in.

These have been carefully drawn out so you can see which notes to press on your keyboard.

I'm even including MIDI files for you to use right away in your DAW!

Get The Chord Progression Blueprint

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step-by-step process that teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about creating truly unique and advanced chord progressions.

Worksheets and Bonus Lessons to solidify your knowledge.

A Full MIDI Chord Pack containing all of the principles in the program so you can get to creating right away.

24 Bonus Chord Progressions with detailed graphics and MIDI files.

Free Lifetime Updates - unlock a lifetime of learning. Your one-time purchase grants you access to every update, every additional insight, every expansion to the program, for free, forever! 

Full support where you can ask any questions at any time including custom graphics to help explain things to you personally.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee means you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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